Welcome to St Paul’s

You are welcome to worship with us

Church services at St Paul’s are being held remotely.  

You are welcome to join our worship remotely by following services, videos and podcasts led by Reverend Anthea Wickens, our minister, and by visiting preachers.  These can be found on the Sunday Services page.  Some of the recent services can be found on our YouTube channel.

Blog news

You may wish to follow our blog which can be found here.

Jan Berry has written a prayer for these times.

God our refuge, we seek your protection.
Protect the vulnerable from illness: those who are old and frail, weakened by years and struggle; those who care for others, expending energy and love; those for whom inability to work means hardship and poverty.

Protect us from the greed and suspicion which snatches at our own security stock-piling and panic-buying that deprives others of the necessities of life.

Protect us from the shortsightedness which sees the germ in our own eyes and ignores the plagues of hunger, war and violence that take so many lives each day.

Protect us from the isolation that leads to loneliness and despair denying the interconnectedness that links us with one another.

God our refuge in our panic and fear may we not lose sight of our common humanity that makes us one people in you. Amen.


Prayer requests

During the coronavirus epidemic we have introduced a new service for our community. If you would like us to pray for you or or a concern you have, you may email the church at stpauls.urc.bracknell@gmail.com,  or post them through the church letterbox (in the door facing Harmans Water Square near the recycling bins).  First names only please, for reasons of confidentiality.

St Paul’s

St Paul’s is a community church serving the people of Harmans Water and the surrounding areas.  Our Minister is Reverend Anthea Wickens.

On Sunday mornings, services usually start at 10.30 am and everyone is welcome. Coffee, tea and biscuits are served afterwards.

We host several activities during the week: Small Time for parents and toddlers, Monday Morning Drop-In for all ages, Girls’ Brigade & Boys’ Brigade, and evening Fireside Chats for everyone. (See ‘What’s On’ for more details).  Click here to see more about us and some of the things we do.

St.Paul’s is on the corner of Ralphs Ride and Lowbury, adjacent to the shops, with its car park in Lowbury. The postcode is RG12 9LP.

The bus routes are 156 (Monday to Saturday), X94 (Monday to Friday mornings) and 171/ 172 in the evenings and on Sundays. For anyone travelling by train, the church can be reached by a short walk through the houses (less than half a mile) from Martins Heron station.

We look forward to seeing you.