Policies and Guidelines

St Paul’s complies with the General Data Protection Regulations. Our Privacy Statement is available here.

St Paul’s Privacy Notice 2021

Cookies Information

St Paul’s recognises the need to provide a safe and caring environment for children, young people and vulnerable adults within the church environment. Our safeguarding policy sets out our approach and procedures.

Safeguarding Policy Issue 4 June 2021

St Paul’s  recognises and accepts its responsibilities,  as far as is
reasonably practicable, to provide a safe and healthy environment, ensuring the health,
safety, and welfare of all who use these church premises.  Our Health and Safety Policy Statement lists the steps taken to achieve this.

Health & Safety Policy Statement June 2022

Our Equality Policy Statement sets out how we seek to avoid discrimination in all aspects of church life.

Equality Policy Statement Issue 1 reviewed February 2022

All our policies are reviewed regularly.