About us

Our Present

St Pauls in Bracknell is a diverse, vibrant, and proactive congregation, multigenerational and multicultural in range, and ecumenically minded in approach. The only URC congregation in the Bracknell area, St Paul’s is ‘home’ to many who reside outside its Harmans Water location, including Great Hollands, Crowthorne, Wokingham, Martin’s Heron, and Windsor. Naturally, Harmans Water is well represented, also. Therein, the congregation accurately reflects the demographics of these communities, and include a wide range of nationalities, including English, Scottish, Kenyan, Ghanaian, Ugandan, Sri Lankan, Polish, American if you count our minister, and members of our travelling community.

As aforementioned, St Paul’s is both vibrant and proactive in its life as a church in the community. Well situated amidst the shops and library on Ralph’s Ride, it is home to not only the URC congregation, but also to Anglican (Wednesday’s) and Ghanaian congregations (Sunday) who utilise the building on a regular basis. The only district in the Bracknell area without a children’s Centre, St Paul’s has actively pursued and continues to nurture a relationship with the NHS and its “Babies & Bumps” scheme, and its children’s self-esteem help group; this in addition to its own weekly meeting of both Girl’s and Boys’ Brigades, its 20 year relationship with its Queen’s Award winning Child Contact Centre and St Paul’s own “Small Time” mothers and Babies” Group that meets every Thursday.