Thought for the month of September: Harvest

The harvest is here:
earth’s bounty we bring!
And as we draw near,
God’s mercies we sing.
From greenhouse and garden,
allotment and store:
these love-gifts we offer
and praises outpour.

A harvest we bear –
our talents and time.
A calling to share:
such is God’s design.
As people of Jesus
we honour his name;
through our love for neighbour
his love we proclaim.

God’s harvest shall come,
when all is fulfilled:
death’s forces succumb,
and violence be stilled.
Then all that has breath
in Creation restored
shall bow down in worship:
One Harvest, one Lord!

Copyright © Dominic Grant
Permission is hereby freely granted to reproduce material for one-off or occasional use in non-commercial settings only, provided that the appropriate copyright attribution is included.

Contributed by Reverend Janet Conway