A spring letter from our minister

Dear Friends,

Spring seems to come earlier and earlier. During February and March, late winter gives way to early spring which is always an exciting time: as winter loses its icy grip the days lengthen, sunlight improves, bulbs brighten gardens, birds sing and begin their nest-building.

Lent begins at the start of March – the season of lengthening and strengthening. Here we get a sense of the Christian seasons mirroring nature in turning rest into new growth and turning negatives into positives.

Likewise, I am becoming aware of people using this time as a season for turning negatives into positives in their own lives. I wonder if you also see evidence of this re-emerging within your life experience too? With the eye of faith, I pray that as we start to emerge from the negative experiences of the pandemic, many and varied examples of inspirational positivity might, hopefully, be springing up all around us.

To know Christ and follow his example is to explore the way to abundant life. Christianity is a positive faith, established upon the power of the resurrection of Jesus. The Christian God is not a God of restrictions but a God of fulfilment. Becoming a Christian is never about being diminished in any way, it is all about developing a positive nurturing relationship with our Maker through learning about Jesus: it is about growing into life in all its fullness. So says Desmond Tutu in his famous prayer:

Rejoice, for goodness is stronger than evil;                                                                                          love is stronger than hate;                                                                                                                              light is stronger than darkness;                                                                                                                life is stronger than death;
victory is ours through him who loves us.

My very best wishes to you all, as always, your friend and Minister,