Where it Started

Our Past 

This year – 2014 we celebrate 201 years as a church in Bracknell. In 1813 there was no church in the village of Bracknell and a small group of like-minded people set up an Independent Church. The congregation grew and by 1825 had a church building with an attached burial ground. By 1859 this building had deteriorated and was replaced by a more substantial building in what was now Bracknell High Street. The congregation continued to struggle on over the next 100 years, and as development of Bracknell as a New Town brought change, the church changed as well. Having appointed a Presbyterian Minister in 1964, the church became a Congregational /Presbyterian Church, and soon thereafter made way for the new town centre. In September 1967 the Church in the High Street closed and the congregation moved to Harman’s Water, worshiping for a short period in the Community Centre. The current building was opened in May 1970, and in 1971 the congregation voted unanimously to become part of the new national United Reformed Church that was formed by the merger of the national Congregational Church and the Presbyterian Church of England.