Our Future

Explicitly stated within the Central Conviction of St Paul’s Pastoral Profile is the mission to be:

at the heart of the community, reaching out to be an active influence in local life and to serve that community; in doing so, we hope to bring the message of Christ to everyone by what we do as well as by what we say.”

To that end, as we attempt to live out the gospel’s message it would seem that each of the five (5) Marks of Mission are both implicit to and inclusive of our overall mission aim, particularly in the development of both a physical building and a human infrastructure. Prayerfully, each of these will serve as the framework for a model of care rooted in Christian tradition and lived out holistically in its care of the individual, in its engagement of the community, and in its efforts to transform culture. We envisage this being lived out on several levels.

Beginning quite naturally with the fact that St Paul’s is a people of faith, care of the individual is at the core of who we are. Historically, as people have journeyed with us, the struggle to discover love, hope, meaning and connectedness have all been articulated through a predominantly parish based model. As we have endeavoured to reach out to the community through programs such as Small Time, Coffee Mornings, and youth work, we have discovered not only a mutual hunger for concepts of love, hope, meaning and connectedness, but also the challenge to feed that hunger through an understanding rooted in Christian love, and lived out in a paradigm where parish and community converge.

This has been met at every level, from resident pub goers, to local mothers, to local schools and colleges, through to councillors and leaders of other faiths and regional media with resounding affirmation. As a result, through all of the various ministries already mentioned in previous sections, St Paul’s has created a niche in which the sacred and the secular have come together in order to explore ways in which the community can live communally, as both strive toward those concepts integral to the human condition. In all, we see ourselves as a people engaged in the present, conscious of a tradition that serves us well, and mindful of a future in which potential sits with all of us we each attempt to create a community in which all are included. You are more than welcome to join us!