Commitment for Life

Commitment for Life


Commitment for Life is the world development programme of the United Reformed Church. It encourages churches to take action, pray and give support for people across the world. It works in partnership with Christian Aid and The World Development Movement raising over half a million pounds a year from contributing churches.

St Paul’s became involved with Commitment for Life nearly 20 years ago.  Over that time we have learnt about the problems of the Dalit people in India, the environmental issues in Bangladesh and, currently, the political issues in Israel/Palestine.  Our annual collection for Commitment for Life has probably raised over £20,000 through the years.  This goes to support the work of Christian Aid Partners in these countries and supports the campaigning work of the World Development Movement.  We supported the Jubilee Debt campaign and the Make Poverty History campaign.

As a Fairtrade Church since the late 1990’s we have been able to give a practical response to trade issues that affect our partner countries. We have also taken on board the effects of climate change in these vulnerable places and play our part in promoting a careful use of resources.

A prayer for Commitment for Life

Give us, God, a vision of our world, as your love would make it. A world where the weak are protected, and none go hungry or poor. A world where the benefits of civilised life are shared, and everyone can enjoy them. A world where different nations, races and colours live with tolerance and mutual respect.